Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year and welcome 2011. Vj and I have many projects, seperate and together. I'm making it a priority to do a lot more reading this year.
I've also decided that I will truly make the effort to become more organized in every facet of my life. Easier said than done. I am always amazed at those who can remian together regardless of what pops up in thier lives. For me one small thing can totally disrupt my day and send me right over the edge.
I've also figured out that if I want this year to be a great one than it will be up to me to make that happen. Of course there will be times when everything around me is falling apart but its how I handle it that will make the difference.
I tend to be dramatic- Big surprie coming from a a writer- as such I have raised 3 dramatic They of course will follow my lead with how I respond to any given situation.
Last year proved too be such a difficult one mentally as well as physically that I am more than ready to embrace change in anyway that it comes.
I would love to know what you've learned from the previous year and what you hope to gain in this new year.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 a year in review

This year has been the best and the worst for VJ and myself. We've been through some tough personal issues that have kept us from writing as much as we wanted to accomplish this year.
I'v never been good at taking the bitter with the sweet and as such its been harder for us to get back on track.
The good news is that I had my first solo project release from Liquid Silver back in August- A Taste of Haven. A paranormal shifter book with a tough as nails heroine and the man brave enough to love her.
VJ released Under the Influence in September at Ellora's Cave. A m/m erotic suspense romance.
In other news we released another story in our Queen's of Merab series- Nuriel's Wolf.
Coming in January from Liquid Silver will be the second in the Night Creatures Series- Forever Rowan.
We are currently working on a new Scenes from Velet Ice book. The list of our WIPS is long and we are chipping away one story at a time.
We are working on a few little surprises for the near future and hopefully we will be updating the couples from The Worthington Group.
We are also aware that many of you are looking for Brady and Celia's story.
It will be written just not yet. Brady isn't ready for the things that Celia will force him to face about his past and who he is now.
There are two more Scenes from Velvete Ice also planned and within those novella's you'll learn just a little more about Brady and who he is. We know its a terrible tease but trust me when I say that Brady is one seriously messed up male.
We are hoping this new year will give us the opportunity to write more and that day to day drama will not be such a pain in the ass for us both.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Motor City Stroy Tellers

VJ had an awesome idea a few months ago to start a local authors group for those uncomfortable or unable to afford memberships to national groups. We live in South Eastern Michigan and have five wonderful ladies who meet together one a month at a local Borders book store.
We are always looking for unpublished or published writers who want to experience a non judgemental supportive setting among poeple who love writing. IF this is something that you may be looking for shoot us an e-mail at
VJ and I will both blog later about what happened and all the fun we had. This is a great way to bat around ideas, to talk about your difficulties and to annouce your accomplishments. We look forward to hearing from any one who is serious about writing and would enjoy this group.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

VJ's Take on Emotion

I'll have to agree with pretty much everything Sierra said - sex for sex's sake is great, but it's sort of like no-sugar-added dessert: ultimately unfulfilling. The first scene in a book by another author that jumps into my mind is from Joey W. Hill's Rough Canvas. It's a m/m BDSM story in her Nature of Desire series - my first m/m, my first BDSM, and still one of my favorite books ever. At the very beginning the characters have a confrontation - Thomas left Marcus to care for his family, and Marcus has come to, er, retrieve him.; As they argue, Marcus slams Thomas into a corner between the barn and fence and the sensation of Marcus' body against his, the scent of his lover's skin, the sheer power of his love for Marcus, which he'd thought was buried, slams Thomas into a violent orgasm. The intensity of the moment, driven almost exclusively by the intensity of the men's emotions, hits me in the solar plexus every time.

It's funny, when I read Sierra's post, I knew EXACTLY which scene exemplifies - for me anyway - the impact emotion has on our sex scenes. We've told the story many times of how Daniel's Surrender was the first book we finished together, and to this day it remains my favorite of our stories. I think that each and every love scene in the novel is emotion-driven - from the lust and denial in Daniel and Matty's first few encounters, to the healing power of Shannon's touch on both men.

For me it's the actions of a character, every bit as much as their words, that reveal their emotions. In this excerpt, Daniel is emotionally raw. He's just begun to realize that what started out as a menage fling has grown into something much, much more. Hard on the heels of that terrifying revelation, Matthew is critically injured in a car accident. In this scene Daniel is reeling - swamped by more emotion than he knows how to deal with, and Shannon is trying to sooth him the best way she knows how:

Abruptly, she knew how she wanted him. In a way he’d never given himself to her.

Deftly she slipped out of his grasp, easing to her back on the bed next to him. She had to smile at his raised eyebrows.

“You might be done,” his voice had a sleepy, sexy rasp that she could get used to hearing first thing every morning. “But I’m just getting started.”

She smiled and reached a hand out to him.“Oh, I’m not done,” she knew her eyes glowed almost gold. She could see their reflection in his. “Come here, then.”

Daniel hesitated before he let Shannon draw his body over hers. For all the exotic, mind-blowing sex they’d had, they’d never done straight missionary alone with just the two of them. Somehow, heart to heart, eye to eye, it seemed so much more intimate than any of the things they’d done, alone or with Matt.

Now she lay under him, like some sort of feast. She was so tiny, dwarfed by his larger frame. Her fragility was a bigger turn-on than he’d ever have guessed.

Moving more gently than he’d planned to, he crooked his knee under one of hers, bending his leg to draw her thigh up and open. When she was open enough, he fitted his hips into the cradle of hers. He slowly slid his throbbing erection over her slippery folds as he automatically reached for a condom, only to swear viciously when he remembered that they were in his bed. He didn’t have sex in his bed. Thus, no condoms in the room.

He started to lift off of her, but her soft hands on his cheeks stopped him.

“You’re clean,” she whispered. “You showed me your blood tests.”

Of course he had. Any responsible, respectful lover would be sure to reassure their partners of their health.

“I’m on the pill.” He stiffened as he suddenly realized where she was going with this.

“Oh, no,” he’d seen Matt take her bareback, but had never ever imagined doing so himself. One did not do that with a temporary lover.But fuck, it was tempting.

“Daniel,” she continued to hold him captive with tiny hands and enormous eyes. Her lower body arched, undulating over his straining cock relentlessly. She was painting him with the moisture of her lust, and he felt all his scruples beginning to melt beneath the flow. “I need you in me,” he shuddered out a low groan in response. “I need to feel you,” with a mind of its own, his bare, burning cock tunneled deeper between her folds. “And I can’t think of anything sexier than feeling you shoot inside me,” his hips jerked involuntarily. She was unraveling him with nothing but her words. “I need to feel how much you want me.”

That did it. With a deep grunt of excruciating pleasure, he plunged fully into her steamy depths.

“Fuck,” he’d never done it bare before. Now he wondered how he’d ever do it any other way.

It was too much, too intense. He couldn’t form words. Hell, he couldn’t form coherent thoughts. He couldn’t do anything but drive all the way in, until he didn’t know where he ended and she began.

She wriggled against him, but he braced on one arm and used the other to hold her hips still.

“No, let me,” he panted. “Let me take it slow.” He had to take it slow. He’d never feel this again, and he wanted to savor every second of it.
She felt so full. So incredibly surrounded. So cherished. Having him over her, in her like this, was beyond anything. She could feel every ridge, every pulsing vein on his cock rasping her sensitive tissues. It was fricking amazing.

He continued to power in, in, in, and then so slowly back out. Each thrust touched her deeper, until he was touching her very heart. Her soul.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, those laser blue eyes connected with hers. She’d never seen them so open. So vulnerable. God, if he was touching her soul, she was looking into his. And it was beautiful.

The sight ratcheted her pleasure even higher. She could feel her body drawing tighter, the deceptively strong muscles of her sheath clutching at his cock as he kept his relentlessly slow rhythm. She knew she was about to come, and she thought, from the way his breath jerked from his chest, he might be too.

“Daniel,” her voice was ragged and broken. Her heart was in her voice and in her words. “My Daniel.” He closed his eyes, tipping his head back. He pushed up on his hands, on straight arms so she could look down and see him working that enormous, gorgeous cock into her.

Her jagged whimper brought his eyes back to hers, and finally the words she’d kept bottled inside for so many weeks broke free.

“God, I love you Daniel,” his body jerked tight and his cock seemed to swell even bigger as his eyes widened in shock. “I love you so much,” she knew there were tears in her eyes and in her voice. She thought there might be tears in his, too.

“You own me,” now that she’d started, she couldn’t hold anything back. “You own Matt and me both.” With each word his hips pistoned faster, driving her implacably closer to release.

Suddenly he slammed into her, seating himself to the hilt and grinding his pubic bone against her straining clit.

She came with a shriek that was his name.
What the fuck.

He’d never heard those words from a lover before. In fact, he’d specifically chosen lovers that would never say such a thing, even in the heat of passion.

He’d like to believe it was the orgasm talking, but he knew better. Shannon had shown her love in so many ways since the first time they’d met. And now, hearing those dreaded words, all he could think was that he wanted to hear them again.

It terrified him that it didn’t terrify him. It terrified him that he wanted to say it back.


He felt himself swell, her sweet honey anointing his aching flesh. He felt her shudder her release under him as her pussy rippled over him. His Angel wasn’t normally a screamer, and when she screamed his name it was like music to his ears. He choked back the words that stopped up in his chest.


He had to do something to regain his balance. And fast.

In a lightning fast move he pulled out, ignoring her wail of protest. Grabbing a pillow with one hand, he used the other to flip her to her stomach. He jammed the pillow under her stomach, pointing that delicious bubble-butt in the air as he crouched behind her, like the animal he felt like.

Before she could brace herself, he’d poised his cock at her wet, ruby red opening and was driving in.

This was better. All the pleasure, and fuck she felt good on his bare skin, with none of the longing looks and terrifying intimacy.

Finally, his control slipped its leash. He pounded into her almost brutally, drinking in each of her gasps, savoring her grunts as he drove her into the mattress. He was swelling, swelling, and then he came.

It felt like he came for hours, for years. Her body soaked in his scalding release, and with the first spurt he felt her pussy seize up again, clutching him in yet another powerful climax.

When the storm passed, he meant to get up. To go shower. To regroup. Instead he collapsed against her, only barely managing to direct the bulk of his weight to her side before sleep claimed him.

What works for you? What sex scenes have you read that take your breath away no matter how many times you re-read them?

The Art of the Sex Scene

We've had several people comment on the heat of our sex scenes. So we decided to give a little insight into what we feel is important and how we approach these scenes.

The first subject we'd thought to tackle is EMOTION in these scence. VJ will include her perspective as we are writing partners which may show how we compliment each other in our writing partnership.

We always make sure that we include emotion in every sex scene. Its not necessarily driven by love especially at the begining of a story. So the feeling each character could be anything from lust to love and everything in between. I know some find it silly but I try to think about the characters personality and they dictate what gets written. What is going through their heads as they touch and taste their lover? Be it good or bad it must be there in that characters voice. It's okay for the alpha to be vunerable when making love either in his own head or verbally. I love it when thier mind is blown by either what they are experiencing due to thier lovers minstrations.
 This is an ecerpt of our very first book- Carrie's Answer and while we feel we have improved greatly I have always loved this scene. Marcus had been a cold man for five years. He'd been betrayed by his former wife and as the story goes he gave up on finding anyone who would love all of who he was. What he discovers is that he needed to love without condition to receive the same back.

She stared at the place where they were joined, her eyes going wide with the wonder of their love making. Marcus placed his finger on her tight little button, rubbing and teasing her to the brink of orgasm over and over until tears formed at the corners of her eyes.

When he knew she couldn’t take one more second of his torture, he slowed down even more, wanting this moment to last forever. Needing to savor the feel of her tight and pulsing around him. To drink in her expression as she took every hard, aching inch of him, her eyes glassy, her lips wet and plump.

Nothing had ever been as perfect as this moment. There were no flowers, no silk sheets, nothing to denote romance. Looking into Carrie’s eyes, Marcus saw everything he ever needed. She was his, forever. She craved him, just as he was, the way he craved her. Unable to stave off the emotion filling him up he buried his face in her neck, swallowing back the first tears he’d let fall in five years.

But these were tears of happiness. A kind of happiness that Marcus never dreamed existed between two people. He sounded like a sappy ass and for once he didn’t give a damn. For Carrie he was willing to be anything she wanted, anything she needed. And the best part was that she needed him to dominate her in the bedroom. She needed him to love her every day and night.

For me I need the emotion in order for me to buy the romance. Sex for sex sakes is fine and I am not knocking it but in order for me to believe the Happily Ever After I want to feel  right along with them.
I remeber a mainstream romance I read by Susan Crosby... I have a dog eared copy in my closet, but there are several scenes in the book that made me suck in a breath. The hero sets out to seduce heroine in order to destroy her father. The way he discovers how beautiful she is on the inside and out, its my absolute favorite book adn really shows how emotion can turn a relatively formula story into something I have neverr forgotten.
Would love to hear your opinions or examples of books that made your chest pound and never want the story to end.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dorian vs Derek: Dueling Doms

It’s always interesting to me how people react to our Velvet Ice (i.e.: our BDSM) titles.  Neither Sierra nor I are a part of the lifestyle, but we’ve both sought out people who are as a kind of “reality check” for our characters.  So my most recent “hmmm” moment comes on the heels of the releases of Unmasking Dorian and Velvet Valentines.

Dorian was supposed to be a “hard core” Dom.  In an earlier book (Meredith’s, I think, though he made an appearance in Carrie’s and Daniel’s books, too) we caught a glimpse of him leading a sub around on a leash.  At that point in our writing, the idea of that kind of submission seemed very exotic to both of us.  I wonder now, though, if we didn’t push the envelope enough in Dorian’s story. 

Derek, on the other hand, was so far into denial that when he finally snapped the chain, man he did it in a BIG way.  Writing the scenes between Elise and Derek pushed the boundaries of what I was comfortable with on a lot of levels.  Because the level of intimacy Derek (and Elise – maybe even more from Elise) demanded, I think it made me a little uncomfortable.

Interestingly, readers seem to prefer Derek.

Looking back, I wonder if that’s because of the BDSM elements in the stories, or if it’s got more to do with the emotional intimacy of the relationships.  It’s a riddle.  I also have to wonder how readers will react to our next book, Velvet Submission, which will be out Monday night, 3/1/10.  Submission is our second venture into the mind of a Domme.  The first, Binding Ben, was pretty successful at Phaze. 

Submission brings back two of my favorite secondary characters – Megan from Sinful treats, and Gregori from Unmasking Dorian.  Both characters are wounded, and neither realizes how much they’ve allowed their pasts to shape them.  Megan and Gregori gave me all sorts of trouble – each was so sure that s/he was right, and neither wanted to bend.  Of course, this made it even more luscious when they gave in!

I hope you’ll check out Velvet Submission when it’s available (that’s Monday evening, 3/1), and I hope you’ll check out Dorian and Derek’s stories if you haven’t already.  We’d love to hear what you have to say!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A thank you to our readers adn an easy contest!

We want to send our heartfelt Thank you to all of our readers. As VJ and I move into our 3rd writing we wanted to celebrate with all of you who have picked up our books.

To thank our readers we are running a contest. We’ll be giving several goodies away. What do you have to do…’s easy

1) Write and TELL us your favorite book and why you enjoyed it?
2) WHO is your favorite character and why?

3) What or whose story are you interested in seeing in the future?

So drop us a line at

Sierra and VJ




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